Solving your biggest or smallest 
product development challenges

Our Design & Engineering department has a method to add value by increasing performance and the way the part fits into other aspects of the design, while simultaneously reducing cost, environmental impact, user strain and business impact. Our experts create show-stopping, personalized, lightweight and functional designs that are vital at any phase of the product design cycle – whether it’s during the exploratory, conceptual, detail or launch phase.

We seek to create Value-added SOLUTIONS for our Customers 
by leveraging our proven EXPERTISE & CAPABILITIES in Design 
for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM).

Why Design & Engineering?

Why Design & Engineering?

Your ideas come first. Our expertise in Additive Manufacturing helps realize your idea and bring the most added value to any product design. 

Whatever your goals for your product are, you’ll only reach them if you design towards them. That means truly benefiting from design freedom by understanding that the technology requires understanding the interplay between production requirements, materials and the intended application. What you end up with could range from bringing down costs, eliminating assembly time, improving performance, simply making it work better with other parts, and more.

Our Three Areas of Expertise

Dedicated design for 3D printing comes in many shapes, sizes and materials. As a pioneer in the field, we have a deep history in understanding the intricacies at play with Additive Manufacturing, and our highly specialized team of designers and CAD engineers can support your project, regardless of your industry.

Whether you’re looking for support in your initial concept design, or somewhere further along the road to production, we’d like to hear about your project to see how we can make your product better with 3D technologies.

We'd love to hear about your projects and see how we can help.

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