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Do you lose considerable time to get your design prepared for 3D Printing? Then our versatile data preparation software for 3D Printing may do the trick for you. The data preparation functionalities of Materialise’s industry-leading Magics software is now available to you for a flexible monthly or annual subscription through our e-commerce solution: Magics Essentials.

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Functionality of Magics Essentials

Import Data Types and Formats

Import nearly all file formats, retain native color information, and stay in control of your original data.

File formats

Retain Colors and Details

Retain native color information and textures during model repair and preserve small features and tiny details.

Repair Challenging Errors

Repair the most challenging errors and create watertight data via the automated fixing tool or the ShrinkWrap feature.

Edit and Enhance Your Files

Add logos, serial numbers and hollow parts. You can also apply textures and smoothen your mesh.

Rescale Models

Rescale your model to the right unit and size or choose a size that corresponds to your printing budget. Rescaling can also resolve wall thickness issues.

Hollow Models

Easily hollow your 3D model –including self-supporting hollows- to save material and reduce weight. You can also perforate it.

Cut & Assemble

Perform Boolean operations and cut your model into easy-to-reassemble pieces.

Analyze Wall Thickness

Walls should not be too thick (material loss), but not too thin either (build crash). Analyze if the thickness is sufficient for the material of your choice.

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    “Materialise Magics ShrinkWrap has become a must-have for architectural files. These files are so complex that you can’t deal with them without ShrinkWrap.”
    - Richard Zethof, Owner and 3D CAD Specialist of cad2reality


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