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In the hassle of the daily work environment, there isn’t always enough time to explore new software in depth. And in order to keep pace with current technology, Materialise software is continually evolving. This means that keeping personnel trained in the use of Materialise software is vital to maintaining and enhancing productivity. 

We offer a variety of training programs that focus on successfully using and integrating Materialise software into everyday work.

Why Should I Attend Materialise Software Training?

Master Features and Tricks

Training allows you to reap the maximum benefits of our software suite and optimize its use. Some customers get stuck in a workflow that isn't optimal for their business. Training can broaden your vision or open up new workflows. The tips and tricks of our experts can have a great impact on your business and help you save an unexpected amount of time.

Work on Real-World Projects

Although all of our software is user-friendly, the balanced mix of theory and practice during our training sessions make it easier to become an expert. Topics include hands-on exercises that use real-world projects and demonstrate how you can perform job-related tasks.

Enjoy a Personalized Approach

We are always happy to create a personalized, tailor-made program, adapted to your knowledge. We can work on the files that you send us and give advice adapted to your needs. Our specialists are ready to answer all of your questions.

Come to Us or Let Us Visit You

The courses are held in our professional training centers. If training at one of our centers is not feasible for you, we can bring our classes to your facility.

For detailed information about our training, please contact your local office
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Meet one of our trainers

If you are located in the US, it is possible that you’ll participate in a training session given by Evan Kirby, Application Engineering Manager at Materialise.

Evan has been an established value at Materialise since 2001. His extensive expertise has led to the position of Application Engineering Manager. In addition to managing all application engineers in the US, he also provides excellent customer support. During his training sessions for customers, he passes on his passion and knowledge about 3D printing technology.

Evan Kirby, Application Engineering Manager at Materialise

Evan Kirby
Senior Application Engineer

Three customers speak about Evan:

"This was two days of the best industry training I've had in thirty years of manufacturing engineering/CAD/CAM."
– Dr. Michael Ehrlinger, Associate Professor, CAD/CAM

“Evan is extremely knowledgeable on software platforms for CAD repair and is a pleasure to work with. He has been very helpful in clarifying issues with software and responds promptly. He is a committed professional.”
– Ken Patton, Director of Business Development at RapidTech/UCI.

“Evan has the ability to break down extremely technical information for any user regardless of their background. I have gone through three training sessions with Evan and each one has been remarkably informative as well as being perfectly timed, which is a difficult thing to accomplish with training.”
– Tara Anderson, Director of Product Management at 3D Systems Corporation.

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